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About Us

First established in 1998 as MDC Plumbing and Heating, the main work undertaken by the business was bathroom and heating installations, as well as general repairs. However, as work progressed, oil and gas boiler servicing / repairs and commissioning together with central heating power flushing became the main area of business. Hence the company's name was changed to MDC Heating Services and soon became a limited company registered with Companies House.

Proprietor Matthew Cundill completed a five-year apprenticeship in plumbing / heating and gas work to advanced craft level. Shortly afterwards Matthew also trained to be an OFTEC-registered oil boiler service technician.

Matthew is now building the business on the quality recommendation of the high standard of work achieved. MDC offers a quality service, which is both affordable and reliable. We have a large number of regular customers to whom we supply a premium service on an annual basis.


Please note that we cover only the area highlighted on the map below and do not undertake work outside this region.

Map covering Swansea, Gower and the surrounding region.  Area between 51.522416N to 51.890054N and 3.721240W to 4.419708W is highlighted.

Gas Boilers

Gas Safe Registration Number 178571

We specialise in Gas/LPG combination boiler servicing and repairs. MDC Heating Services Ltd is a Gas Safe registered company and completes work to the gas safety regulations and to the very highest standard.

We service most of the popular makes of gas boilers, including combination boilers. Some are listed below:

A regular service includes the following:

Gas Boiler

An email of the service / safety inspection will be sent. No hard copies are issued.

If your system includes an unvented hot water cylinder an extra charge of £40 applies for safety check / service.

If your system includes a MagnaClean / Fernox or any other type of system filter an extra service charge of £12 applies.

We also undertake fault finding on gas combination boilers, should you have a problem with your boiler.

We keep a database of customers who have their boilers serviced on an annual basis and they are contacted each year to arrange a service visit. Our typical service prices are:

Gas boiler service / check (not strip-down)  


Ideal Logic / Vogue / Duotec - Full strip-down on most models with no seal included (extra charge applies if any seal needed)   


Landlord's gas inspection with strip service  


Gas inspection with hob and combi no service  


A regular service can help reduce your fuel bills and protect against unnecessary callouts and parts failure.

As a Gas Safe registered company, we do not cut corners on quality or safety – especially as we are not pressured to complete a certain quota of boilers per day. GET YOUR BOILER SERVICED EVERY YEAR AND STAY SAFE.

Oil Boilers

OFTEC Registered Business

MDC Heating Services Ltd is approved by OFTEC and our servicing and repairs are undertaken to their high standards.

MDC Heating Services Ltd specialises in the service and repair of all makes and models of oil-fired boilers.

We have a database for all our service customers and contact them to arrange a service on an annual basis.

We service all the main manufacturers' oil boilers:

Oil Boiler

If your oil boiler's manu­facturer is not listed here, then don't hesitate to contact us because we keep most spares for the most popular oil burners used on oil boilers in stock.

A typical oil boiler service consists of:

A PDF of the CD11 and TI133D is emailed to you at the end of the service instead of a written report.

If your system includes an unvented hot water cylinder an extra charge of £40 applies for safety check / service.

If your system includes a MagnaClean / Fernox or any other type of system filter an extra service charge of £12 applies.

All prices for oil services are +£12.00 for a new oil nozzle, which is required for EVERY SERVICE.

Heat only standard efficiency boiler (up to 30kW)  


Heat only standard efficiency boiler (over 30kW to 70kW)  


Combi / Sealed system / Sealed system + Standard efficiency boiler  


High efficiency heat only combi / system (up to 30kW)  


High efficiency heat only combi / system (over 30kW)  


Unvented hot water cylinder service / inspection at same time as oil / gas service  


Unvented cylinder on its own  


Oil boiler extras typically needed at some point on services:

Blast tube O ring  


Blast tube silicone ring  


Oil Filter Element  


Long Life Flexi Line  


Motor capacitor  

£12 - £25.00 (depending on burner)

(No extra is charged to fit new parts whilst servicing unless fault finding and more time is required for fault / repair.)

We replace the oil nozzle every year to keep the cost of your fuel bills down and make sure of a clean, efficient and safe operation until the next service. Oil nozzle manufacturers (such as Danfoss) can only guarantee efficient burning for one year because each one is built to such fine tolerances.

Our policy is to replace the oil burner flexi oil line every year if it is a braided and a new braided is required and every 3–4 years for a long life type oil line (subject to date tag/date mark with perm marker and satisfactory visual inspection). Price for Braided is £9–£10.20 and £18.00 for a Long life flexi.

Our prices are very reasonable and we do not have to complete a certain quota of services per day – so the end product is a quality service which, if carried out annually, will help prevent unnecessary callouts and parts failures.

You are most welcome to contact us for more information or to arrange an annual service by asking to be added to our growing database. Remember, get your boiler serviced regularly to help prevent unnecessary damage to the environment – fewer breakdowns and greater fuel efficiency.


Central heating powerflushing has become a very common process in the last twenty years. The need for powerflushing (cleansing) on a central heating system arises when corrosion is caused by electrolytic action or oxidisation affects the integrity of the system. This could be a result of failed pumps, auto air vents, pin holes in radiators, cold spots on radiators, black sludge, boiler noises, trapped air, etc.

If your system is suffering from any of these symptoms, it could be due to a lack of corrosion inhibitor in your heating system.

Powerflushing can rid your boiler system of black sludge and corrosion by use of chemicals which break it down and then pumping clean water into the system which then pumps out the unclean water from your boiler system. This process has therefore become known as ‘powerflushing’. After this process, we then place a corrosion inhibitor into the system, which prevents the corrosion process from starting over again.

During the powerflush we use VibraClean to loosen any sludge resting at the bottom of the radiators. Adey MC5 is used to help clear the deposits. (On a heavily deposited system we recommend putting in MC3+ four weeks before the flush date.) Attached to our flushing unit we have a MagnaCleanse unit to catch the sludge in transit. This helps to reduce the time the flush takes.

We use powerflushing on new boiler installations also, in compliance with ‘benchmark’ and boiler manufacturers' requirements. If you are having a new boiler installed or work done on your heating system, powerflushing is strongly recommended, as is corrosion inhibitor (such as Sentinel or Fernox).

Typical prices for powerflushing are £420–£540 (5–10 Rad systems).

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